Foxglove Corners Series | Stand Alone Novels
Foxglove Corners Series


  • Darkness at Foxglove Corners
  • Cry for the Fox
  • Winter's Tale
  • A Shortcut through the Shadows
  • The Witches of Foxglove Corners
  • The Snow Dogs of Lost Lake
  • The Collie Connection
  • A Time of Storms
  • The Dog from the Sky
  • Spirit of the Season
  • Another Part of the Forest
  • Where Have All the Dogs Gone?
  • The Secret Room of Eidt House
  • Follow a Shadow
  • The Snow Queen's Collie
  • The Door in the Fog
  • Dreams and Bones
  • A Ghost of Gunfire
  • The Silver Sleigh
  • The Stone Collie
  • The Mists of Huron Court
  • Down a Dark Path
  • Shadow of the Ghost Dog
  • The Dark Beyond the Bridge
  • The Deadly Fields of Autum
  • The Lost Collies of Silver Hedge
  • All the Pretty Little Collies
  • Phantom in the Pond
  • Challenge a Scarecrow
  • The Dog Who Ran with the Sleigh
  • Autumn's Trail
  • In the Greenwood He Was Slain
  • So Long at the Park
  • Autumn's Trail
  • In the Greenwood He was Slain
  • The Warning of the Bells (October 2022)

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Stand Alone Novels  
  • Ghost Across the Water
  • Treasure at Trail's End
  • The Cameo Clue
  • A Shadow on the Snow
  • Secret for a Satyr
  • Love, Deadly Love
  • Snowhedge




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